“I was so uncomfortable in my skin.”

Karli was 22 when she first Dr. Meisami at a screening. “She was missing three front teeth and suffered from extensive tooth decay,” Dr. Meisami recalls. “She was so anxious.’”

Dr. Fenn began Karli’s dental treatment with the completion of urgent restorative work: 14 fillings and the extraction of a baby tooth. Dr. Fenn proceeded to fill in the gaps in her smile by constructing a partial upper denture.

Karli visited Dr. Shadmand for orthodontic treatment, including a full set of braces – and many regular adjustment and maintenance visits. Once the braces came off, Dr. Shadmand put in a retainer with replica teeth to temporarily replace Karli’s missing front teeth.

Two years later, Karli completed her orthodontic treatment and she returned to see Dr. Meisami for reconstructive work. In order for Dr. Meisami to place the three implants to replace Karli’s missing teeth, Karli would need reconstruction of her alveolar ridge (the jaw ridge behind the teeth), and bone grafting.

After receiving her implants, Karli returned to Dr. Fenn for placement of temporary acrylic crowns to sit atop her new implants. A few months later, the permanent porcelain ceramic crowns had been fabricated and put in place. And then, Karli had her smile restored.

Karli’s transformation took almost three years and totaled $25,900 worth of donated dental treatment through Restoring Smiles.

“What a difference a couple of years can make. Watching Karli rebuild her self- confidence and self-esteem was incredible. To be a small part of her journey is an honor.”