“The thought of having to speak to another human being terrified of me. What would they think when they saw my decaying teeth or smelled my breath? My hand was an extension of my mouth.”

Jane was 26 when she found Restoring Smiles. Years of neglect and poor dental hygiene had led to severe periodontitis, a gum infection that destroys the bones that support the teeth. Her jaws were misaligned, and her teeth crooked and crowded.

Jane’s screening form read, “trying to better my life as well as my daughter’s.” Dr. Meisami initially examined Jane and proceeded to extract seven unrestorable teeth at Etobicoke General Hospital.

Following Jane’s initial emergency treatment, she visited dentist Dr. Mawji several times for extensive restorative treatment including 11 fillings, two crowns, one root canal, and 13 units of scaling.

Jane also visited orthodontist Dr. Shadmand to assist with her alignment. After an 18-month course of braces, Jane completed her orthodontic treatment with her teeth now perfectly aligned.

After two and a half years as a Restoring Smiles patient, Jane completed her treatment course with the program. The total cost of Jane’s treatment was approximately $12,000. Jane looks like the woman she was always meant to be.

Jane continues to see Dr. Mawji for dental treatment, except that this time around, her insurance covers her treatment. She has a job and a place she calls home. There’s something else about her: she exudes confidence, greets you with a warm look in the eyes, and a smile that brightens up the room.

“I find it hard to put it into words, what this program has given me. I feel like a different person. I don’t know how to thank you.”