Process for Patients


Referrals must be made online via our referral form by a case worker or shelter manager. We do not accept referrals from individuals.


Using the referral form, the Patient Coordinator assesses the patient’s initial eligibility.  The Patient Coordinator then contacts the patient directly via phone to confirm contact information, provide an overview of Restoring Smiles and its policies and procedures and go through some intake questionnaires.


The patient is scheduled for a “Screening Appointment” at one of our monthly Screening Clinic days. At this appointment the patient is introduced further to the program, has any necessary imaging taken and is assessed by our Director of Patient Screening and Intake, Dr. Melanie Little. A detailed Treatment Plan is developed and the patient is admitted to the program and signs our “Patient Acceptance Agreement.”

Patients are only eligible for the treatment outlined in their Treatment Plan.


The patient is matched to a Dentist in our network of Volunteer Practitioners. If the Dentist is male, the patient will be informed. (Note: all patients are asked if they are comfortable seeing a male practitioner. Only patients who have indicated yes, will be matched to a male practitioner.)

The Dentist’s office contacts the patient to set up an appointment for an examination.

Foundation head office facilitates referrals to specialists and corporate sponsors in our network as needed.


When the patient’s Treatment Plan work is complete, they are invited to return to our head office for an “Exit Interview,” assessment and graduation from the program. This provides them the opportunity to offer feedback on their experience, discuss ways that they can get involved in the foundation and assess whether or not further treatment is needed.