Volunteer Practitioners

We are grateful for the expertise and services provided by our practitioners and their teams. Professional services are provided by the practices of:

Dr. Tina Meisami
Dr. Tina MeisamiOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Yorkville Oral Surgery
Dr. Maureen Fenn
Dr. Maureen FennDentist
Danforth Dental Care
Dr. Yasmin Mawji
Dr. Yasmin MawjiDentist
Etobicoke Dental Health Centre
Dr. Renu Varshney
Dr. Renu VarshneyDentist
Broadview Dental Clinic
Dr. Shiva Shadmand
Dr. Shiva ShadmandOrthodontist
Empress Orthodontics
Dr. Julie Paris
Dr. Julie ParisDentist
Dr. Julie Paris’ Dental Office
Dr. Tunde Pal
Dr. Tunde PalDentist
General Care Dentistry
Dr. Amelia Deliakis
Dr. Amelia DeliakisDentist
Yorkville Dental Arts
Dr. Pasha Nasirzadeh
Dr. Pasha NasirzadehDentist
Wellington Aurora Dental
Dr. Susanne Perschbacher
Dr. Susanne PerschbacherOral and Maxillofacial Radiologist
Orad Image
Dr. Sidney Fireman
Dr. Sidney FiremanOral and Maxillofacial Radiologist
Orad Image
Dr. Ramona Dico
Dr. Ramona DicoDentist
Little Italy Dental Practice
Dr. Feisel Haji
Dr. Feisel HajiDentist
Soho Dental
Dr. Leslie Laing
Dr. Leslie LaingProsthodontist
Dr. Melanie Little
Dr. Melanie LittleDentist
Mint Dentistry
Dr. Mahsa Farzaneh
Dr. Mahsa FarzanehEndodontist
Uptown Endodontics
Dr. Gary Glassman
Dr. Gary GlassmanEndodontist
Endodontic Specialists
Dr. Adam Grossman
Dr. Adam GrossmanEndodontist
Endodontic Specialists
Dr. Beatrice Leung
Dr. Beatrice LeungProsthodontist
Dr. Beatrice Leung Dentistry
Dr. Katherine Lee
Dr. Katherine LeeOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
West Toronto Oral Surgery
Dr. Bennet Mui
Dr. Bennet MuiOrthodontist
Braces in Markham
Dr. Natoosha Nargaski
Dr. Natoosha NargaskiOrthodontist
Oshawa Center Dental Office
Dr. James Noble
Dr. James NobleOrthodontist
Orthodontics at Don Mills
Dr. Emily Trohatos
Dr. Emily TrohatosOrthodontist
Orthodontics on Danforth
Dr. Anna DeFilippo
Dr. Anna DeFilippoPeriodontist
Rosedale Periodontics
Dr. Elly Tehrani
Dr. Elly TehraniPeriodontist
Bloor West Village Periodontics
Dr. Christine Tang
Dr. Christine TangCosmetic Surgeon
Office of Dr. Christine Tang
Dr. Aarati Balakrishnan
Dr. Aarati BalakrishnanDentist
Bloor Smile Dental
Dr. Osama Soliman
Dr. Osama SolimanOral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Blueridge Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Kal Khaled
Dr. Kal KhaledDental Anaesthesiologist
Southdown Dental
Dr. Natalie Batthish
Dr. Natalie BatthishDentist
Meadowlands Dental
Dr. Sara Chirico
Dr. Sara ChiricoDentist
Dr. Sara Chirico Family Dentistry
Dr. Daniela D’Avella
Dr. Daniela D’AvellaDentist
Dr. Daniela D’Avella Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Lynn Bazarin
Dr. Lynn BazarinDentist
Dr. Lynn Bazarin Family Dentistry
Dr. Amanda Larsh
Dr. Amanda LarshDentist
Dental Health Group
Dr. Karim Elmofty