How to Refer

Referrals must be made by a case worker or shelter manager. Please note we do not accept referrals from individuals.

Patients must fulfill the following criteria for program eligibility:

  1. Self-identify survivor of domestic violence (defined as either intimate partner or familial violence)
  2. Reside in a shelter at the time of referral (or transitioned out in the past 24 months)
  3. Be between 18- 65 years old
  4. Be a resident of Ontario
  5. Faces financial hardship and must not have access to private dental insurance – please indicate if candidate is receiving ODSP or OW
  6. Have a stable and uncomplicated medical history (defined as patients who can be treated in an office setting, and do not require a hospital environment to receive dental care)
  7. Agree to the terms outlined in the Patient Acceptance Form.

Patients are accepted into the program following an assessment by a Screening Dentist. Please review the full process for treatment here.

Please note that patients can be dismissed from the program, at any time.

Online Referral Form

Restoring Smiles specializes in long-term restorative treatment for issues such as broken or missing teeth and jaw misalignment. Our wait list is extensive. For this reason we are not a suitable option for emergency dental care. If you or a client is experiencing a dental emergency, please call 911 or contact the Patient Clinic at the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry at 416-979-4900.